Manuals, Firmware and Config Files for in2digi D-MB-1 DAB tuner

Please make sure that you only install firmware from this page on the D-MB-1 system

As part of the installation procedure, you must put the correct firmware and the correct configuration file for your vehicle onto a USB memory device and update the D-MB-1 for it to function correctly. You MUST do this before plugging the antenna in as the configuration controls antenna voltage. Please read the details of the update procedure in the manual, AND include both the firmware and the config file on the USB memory stick.

Some vehicles may require you to lock the car, wait 2 minutes and open the car again before the DAB unit is visible.


Installation & User Manual (V0.1)


Please empty your memory stick, and right-click on the files below and save directly to the memory stick so that their names do not change. After download the file should be called CFG_UPDA.CFG and DAB_UPDA.BIN – The D-MB-1 unit will rename the files once it has processed them. Be careful to check the files are correctly named and .txt has not been append to the CFG filename before attempting the update.

Release Firmware for NTG1/NTG2 (CD-Changer Emulation) Downloads

Firmware Version 00.08o (NTG1/NTG2 systems – released 4/Apr/2017)

Config File (NTG1/NTG2 fixed 5V system (Alpine KAE-5DA2, KAE-220DA, KAE-242 antenna and Funke 5V capable antenna).

Release Firmware for COMAND NTG2.5, COMAND NTG3, COMAND NTG4, COMAND NTG4-W212, Audio-50-APS NTG4-W212 & Audio-20 with inbuilt CD-Changer on NTG4-W212 (Native)

Firmware Version 00.05 (Native)

Config File (NTG2.5/NTG3/NTG4 with fixed 5V system (Alpine KAE-5DA2, KAE-220DA, KAE-242DA/R antenna and Funke 5V capable antenna).

The instructions for using Native DAB are in the Comand manual in your vehicle. Installation is the same as the instruction manual above.