About Us

in2digi Ltd is a UK company developing Digital Radio and DAB solutions for the automotive sector.

The company was formed by the four directors in 2010, who between them have over 100 years of experience in the Automotive product arena including hardware and software development, automotive systems testing and general engineering and sales.

The company developed a flexible hardware platform for digital radio (DAB) on vehicles with fibre optic audio technology, and its first retail product was launched on 1st October 2012.

This is the D-MB-1 an integrated DAB and DAB+ radio system for Mercedes Benz vehicles from roughly 2004-2008. This was enhanced for newer Mercedes and again with the in2digi D-MB-2 DAB radio tuner.

We have also released DAB Digital Radio modules for Jaguar Land Rover (D-JV-2 and DAB-USB) have been released and are developing software for more vehicle support and new products.