Manuals, Firmware and Config Files for in2digi DAB-USB DAB/DAB+ tuner


Download/View User Manual (PDF) here.

Download/View InControl Touch JLR Vehicle Compatability Info here.

Download/View JLR InControl Touch System Operation here.

Firmware Updates:

We recommend that you right click on the link(s) below and save directly to the ‘Settings’ folder on the DAB-USB plugged into your computer

There are different downloads for different cars and different audio systems within the cars. Please ensure the correct version is selected for the vehicle system.

Jaguar LandRover releases:

Download Firmware Version 01Hin2d For JLR ‘InControl Touch’ system Released 25thApril 2018

Notes – track time change is 5 secs

Download Firmware Version 02Hin2d For JLR ‘InControl Touch Pro’ system Released 6 June 2018

Notes – track time change is 21 secs