in2digi – DAB Digital Radio systems.

in2digi develops Digital Radio (DAB, DAB+ and DMB) systems for use in cars.

Our first retail product was launched on 1st October 2012, and is an integrated DAB Digital Radio system for certain Mercedes Benz vehicles. The product emulates the CD changer, and thus you need no additional displays attached to your dashboard. Subsequent support and products have been added for newer Mercedes vehicles (up-to 2016) and Jaguar Land Rover vehicles (up-to 2016), and a DAB-USB product for non fibre-optic vehicles.

We also develop custom Digital Radio solutions for vehicles, so will extend our solutions to additional vehicles if your company has a requirement for DAB, DAB+, DMB or other Digital Radio standards in new or existing production vehicles please contact us via the contact form on our Contact Page.

If you are interested in selling our products, please contact our distributors shown on our ‘Buy‘ page.